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Turkish Airlines DLR Training Software

  • BUNDLE: Vimana DLR Training + Multiple Choice
  • 49,- | 118,-
  • Vimana multiple choice training
    Vimana DLR training software in one package at a reasonable price
  • Covers the sections:

    Mathematics (more than 200 questions)

    Physics (more than 500 questions)

    English (more than 1000 questions)

    ATPL (relevant for ready entries only)

  • Contains relevant training modules, which prepare you well targeted for the real test
  • Screenshots | Infos DLR Training | Infos MCQ
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  • Download (Delivery within max, 24h)
    Windows Operating System Required
    Single Workstation License
  • Vimana Personality Factors Training
  • 39,- | 49,-
  • Nearly 200 psychological questions
  • Complete the personality factors test of DLR 1 online on your PC and see your psychological profile afterwards,
    individually evaluated by our psychologists
  • It is of essential importance to know your psychological profile to be well prepared for the complete selection process,

    especially after DLR 1!

    By buying this module, you will get the possibility,

    to run through the test 2 times and review your profile including possible changes,

    induced by different answers to different questions.

  • Additional Information
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  • Online Testing (Delivery within max, 24h)
  • Vimana Multiple Choice Training
  • 39,- | 59,-
  • Big multiple choice questions database
  • Covers the sections:

    Mathematics (more than 200 questions)

    Physics (more than 500 questions)

    English (more than 1000 questions)

    ATPL (relevant for ready entries only)

  • NEW: eLearning physics that covers test relevant topics. If you run through all those questions, you will find it much easier to answer the multiple choice questions during the real test.
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  • Terms and conditions
  • Download (Delivery within max, 24h)
    Windows Operating System Required
    Single Workstation License

Vimana THY SKYPE VIDEO Interviewtraining for DLR2

  • Vimana Interviewtraining for DLR2 (Price per person)
  • 90,- | 199,-
  • Vimana is offering SKYPE VIDEO online interview trainings in order to prepare you for the real interview at THY.

    How does it work:
    1. Please book and pay an interview slot on our webpage. Please nominate a day, you wish to receive the training. Also nominate an alternative day to give planing flexibility. We will then coordinate and inform you about the exact time, when your interview will start (this can be between 7 a.m. in the morning and 7 p.m. in the evening).

    2. In advance, you will need to send us your CV, DLR Biometric Data and, if it is your second attempt, what feedback you received after your first interview and why you failed. The more information you will provide to us about you, the better, we can prepare for your interview.

    3. A few days before your Interviewtraining with Vimana, you will receive an Email with the final details.

    4. At the day of your interview training, please be online on Skype 15 minutes prior to your interview slot time and send us your Skype name via Email. If any possible, please wear exactly those clothes (suit, dress etc.), you will wear during the real interview at THY.

    5. When you start the Skype session, the Vimana training captain or assessment trainer will not give any big pre-briefing, but the simulated interview will start immediately, when the connection is established. There, the whole situation will be treated like in real time: Questions will be asked about your person, your connection to aviation, your motivation, your favorable and unfavorable characteristics etc. etc. We will also run-through as many scenarios (like role plays for example etc), what can happen during that session as possible. For sure, you will not see all of them during the real interview but you´ll never know, what the board will ask you that day. So better be prepared. Besides that you can expect questions about aviation topics, technical related things and many more. In order to being able to assess you as good as possible, when can not give you all those details here or in advance. The interview will take 25-40 min.

    6. After the interview we will show you, what you did well, and where you need to improve or reconsider, what you want to answer to which question and we will show you typical traps during that interview, which you will be able to avoid in the real interview.

    The session is containing a 25-40 min interview and 30-45 min of feedback (total 70 min).
    If you have any further questions, please contact us any time! We would be looking forward to helping you pass the Turkish Assessment!

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The full info package

DLR Training Screenshots

DLR Training Software




Infos DLR Training

Infos DLR Training

The software contains relevant training modules, multiple choice questions are not included. A big bunch of options and different possible settings allows you, to generate and practice all thinkable variants of each test-scenario. Like this you can also get yourself closer and closer to the real test conditions and different levels of difficulty. Finally you can compose own training sequences, combine them and run through complete test runs.

Besides a detailed user manual you will find a very precise and detailed test description coming which each training module. They not only exactly describe, how each test works but also gives you a outline on what you might expect during the real tests. Of course you will find all the training advices and tips how and with which settings you should start training, to get better as fast as possible, to optimize your training, or if you don´t improve during longer training periods. If this instructions leave any questions open, the Vimana® team of course is happy to assist you individually any time.

During your training you receive support by the intelligent feedback- and analysis-system, the so called Vimana® Intelligent Diagnostics System. Like this you will not only get feedback after each training, how you scored in percent or how many answers were correct or wrong. The Vimana® Intelligent Diagnostics System does much more: You will always receive feedback for each individual training parameter. With this, you are able to conduct your training even more target orientated. Additionally to that the system “thinks” along and tracks your personal weak points and finds your spots, where you make mistakes and by that recognizes “systematical” mistakes. Having found any, the system will let you know and tells you, where to pay special attention to during the next training and also gives you advices how to get around that.

The Vimana® software will always give you a realistic picture of your average performance. Like this you are able to track and monitor the effectivety of your training as well as your progress with a lot of data, the software collects during each training. Finally the system will always tell you if you are ready to attend the real test or if it is recommended to continue training. Additionally to all that the system always displays a lot of statistical data like how long you have trained each time, how much you improved during one session in general and related to each module. Of course you will also see and follow these data over bigger time periods and more training intervals.

The Vimana® software will prevent you from having to browse through all your old Mathematics-, Physics- and English-books and/or buy related books to randomly run through the uncountable amounts of various topics. Within the Vimana® training software you will find all relevant topics in the E-learning section. Please note, that the audio explanations of the E-Learning section are in German language! Like in real classrooms this works visually and supported by audio explanations. On your screen you will always see what the teacher would write down on the board and via headset or loudspeaker you hear the teacher´s voice explaining, what you just see. All like at school. In addition to that, the verbal explanations can as well be read along at the bottom of the screen. Of course each topic can be paused and reviewed any time and as often as you like. After each explanation of a thematic there will be gives some test-related examples and questions. By using the Vimana® E-learning you will save a lot of time and money and you are able to train targeted and effectively for the Mathematics, Physics and English multiple choice tests.

Finally it is to underline, that Vimana® with all its software products, services and seminars does not aim for a basic “learning by heart” of various contents. They can change any time and with this method you would most likely have a hard time to deal with new situations and tasks. It´s Vimana® main goal to provide you a complete and delicate training for the various parts of the selection processes. To archive that all the Vimana® training modules provide a a huge variety of options  to train the tests in all possible variants. Like this you will in general train and improve the necessary skills and tasks and remain fully flexible for any possible changes. All Vimana® training modules have a little higher level of difficulty than what you can likely expect during the real test. The flexible training of variable tasks a bit above test level is Vimana´s® recipe of success.

The software is available completely in English language but please note, that the audio of the E-Learning section is in German language only. The multiple choice questions are in English language though.

Infos Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions


Optionally, Vimana® grants you access to a very big multiple choice questions database. There you will find tons of questions each offering four answers.

This database completely covers the sections Mathematics, Physics and English referred to the questions of the DLR BU. If you are already holding a valid pilot´s license (ready entry), you will additionally find a ATPL skill test question pool. Of course all questions in this database are quite test related. If you run through all those questions several times, you will find it much easier to answer the multiple choice questions during the real test.

The database allows you in each subject to train all the relevant topics. Like this you can choose, for which topics you want to answer questions during the training session. Of course the system allows you to mix different question topics or work through all the questions in a row. To gain the effectivity of your training you will find a lot of extra options so that you can for example use the mode of free training, repeating training or test training, and many more. To be able, to run through the question pools faster, you will find an option, to sort out the questions, which you already have answered correctly for several times. The system will then only show you those questions, which you haven´t answered yet or answered wrong. This feature allows you to get a better overview.

The feedback system will after each session not only tell you, how many questions you answered correctly. It will also tell you, which topics you should concentrate your training on a bit more or which topics you get along better independent of the correct or wrong answers in this section.

In the sectors Mathematics, Physics and English you will find a huge variety of different multiple choice questions of different difficulty levels. On top of that there are more than 1.000 additional questions to train “phrases”, “synonyms” and “opposite words” in English. In total more than 2.500 questions are waiting to be answered. The ready entry candidates will of course additionally find the ATPL Question pool.

If you still have any questions or don´t understand why one specific question is correct or wrong, feel free to ask us any time after having studied the appropriate E-Learning section.

You can buy the multiple choice question database for just 49,- € (incl. VAT). We highly recommend the combination of this product together with our main BU/GU Training Software, which contains all the relevant training modules for the real test.

DLR Personality Factors Training

One of the tests during DLR-1 is the Personality Factors Test. Initially it looks like it was a harmless little test, which gives you a small break in-between the tough tests like MIC or spatial awareness. If you think so, you´re absolutely wrong as in fact, this is one of the most important tests! You will be focussed with almost 200 simple questions about our preferences, your attitude towards and your personal life. Based upon your answers, a personal profile will be determined by the examination board and their psychologists. It consists of 16 pairs of characteristics like for example group orientation versus individualism or precariousness versus social competence.

It is of utmost importance to know or eventually even adjust your own profile: based on your profile, it determines, how the selection process will continue for you and where during the assessment and/or interview, the psychologists look at, especially. A good profile will make your life easier during the rest of your selection process, while an unpleasant psychological profile, makes it more and more difficult for you.

At the end, it is important for you as well to know your profile. With that specific knowledge in your mind, you can better prepare yourself for the rest of the selection like the assessment and/or interview and you will better know, where the screening board will specially look at you and how you will have to present yourself in order to give them the best possible picture of yourself.

At Vimana, we give you the opportunity to get to know your own psychological profile. After purchase, you will get a link via email, where you can login and complete the test. Reserve approximately 1 hour to complete it. Your computer needs to be connected to the internet at all times during that period!

After completion, your answers will be sent to us, where our psychologists look at them and individually file your psychological profile. After that, you will receive an Email with the result of the personality factors test, showing your personal profile. There will be no score or anything like that but the real profile visualized.

With this package, you will have the chance, to complete the test 2 times!

Please, when working through the test the first time, please be 100 % honest and give the answers, which fit most to you. Don´t think, what a „typical“ pilot would answer at this point or what the examiners would like to hear. Only by being absolutely honest, while answering those questions, you will be able to see your real psychological profile.

When completing the test a second time, you have the chance to see, how it affects your profile, I you give different answers to some questions as during the first run.

In short: with this package you can complete the personality factors test two times. You need a computer, connected to the internet. Your personal data will be treated 100 % discreetly and will not forwarded to any third parties! After each completion, your profile will be determined by our psychologists. Since this is a non automated process, please allow up to 48 hours until you receive the email with your profile. Please also note, that at this discounted price, it is not possible to discuss your profile with our psychologists, neither in written nor in speaking. If you still wish so, it is not a problem and we will give you an offer for a personal session with our psychologists. Finally note, that the questions itself have been slightly modified from the original wordings. Though, the evaluation process is the same.

Vimana wishes you good luck with your selection process at Turkish Airlines!

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions & software license agreement for Turkish Airlines Software products

1. Vimana® offers software modules to support interested candidates in preparing themselves for the pilot selection process of Turkish Airlines.

2. The various products are presented at Vimana´s own website including the fees for the individual products.

3. Vimana does not guarantee, that the contents of its software modules equal, what will be displayed during the real test at the assessment of Turkish Airlines.

4. Vimana does not guarantee, that after the purchase and the use of its modules, a positive result of the pilot selection is assured.

5. The various modules are seen as „AS IS“ products. Nevertheless, Vimana offers support, when reasonable technical defects or problems are encountered.

6. Each software license purchased is a SINGLE USE LICENSE. It is only possible, to ONCE install the software on ONE SINGLE DEVICE.

7. As a SINGLE USE LICENSE it is forbidden, to share or resell the products with/to third parties.Vimana is able to track each abuse of this agreement and will open a law case in each individual matter. The national and international regulations and laws apply.

8. If customers want to re-install the products purchased again or want to set the software up on a second device, a SECOND LICENSE can be purchased for a fee of 19 €. If in interest, please contact Vimana at In case of a computer breakdown, it is up to the customer to proof the case (repair invoice/invoice of new device/…) and thereafter Vimana will decide in each individual case, if a free license renewal will be granted or not.

9. The validity of each software license purchased is valid for 1 YEAR. During this time, the customer is eligable for software updates and unlimited personal use. After the period of 1 year, the software will shut down automatically. It is forbidden, to change the time settings of the customer´s PC in order to try to circumnavigate the shutdown after one year. Nevertheless, this procedure would not prevent the software from shutting down after 365 days after initial setup.

10. A license renewal after the period of one year can be obtained for the reduced price of 19 €. If in interest, please contact Vimana at

11. The platform basis for all Vimana software products is MICROSOFT WINDOWS. It is essential, that the customer´s device is supporting the MICROSOFT operating system. The modules are unable to be installed on a iOS based device und less „Parallels“ or „Bootcamp“ is used.

12. Further on, the Vimana general Terms and conditions, posted on its website as well, apply. If in doubt of any of those, please contact Vimana BEOFRE the purchase. By purchasing any of the software products, you automatically apply with those as well.

13. The severability clause applies.