Choosing this exam, you will receive an ICAO Language Proficiency Certificate, stating Level 4.

  1. Order the exam and pay the fees (Paypal, Creditcard, googlePay, ApplePay)
  2. Receive a confirmation (email) and choose an appointment in the online calendar (link provided after payment)
  3. Receive a confirmation of your appointment which includes a link for the platform “zoom”
  4. Send a scan of your passport via email to
  5. 15 min before the exam: login to zoom and check your internet connection, audio and video function and have your passport ready
  6. Perform the exam (30 minutes)
  7. Receive your certificate within 1 working day
  1. At the selected time, your examiner will meet you at the online platform “zoom”, you will receive a final briefing and can ask questions.
  2. During the first part,
  • You will answer to 12 of aviation related, non-technical questions (i.e. please describe your best experience you had in your aviation career).
  • You will see 2 pictures, where you´ll have to describe, what you can see.
  • You will see some letters, which you will have to spell according to the ICAO alphabet (i.e. A = Alpha, B = Beta, C = Charlie etc.)
  • You will see some numbers ( 1, 2, 3, 4, …) which you need to read back. There it is important, that you pronounce 3 as “TRI”, not “three”, 9 as “NINER” and 0 as “ZERO”
  • You will hear a question, where you will have to recall an air traffic control call (i.e. departure clearance, inflight clearance, taxi clearance, …)
  1. During the second part
  • you will have a 15 minutes conversation with the examiner about your CV, your aviation background and random topics of your interest
  1. The examiner will give you a short debriefing and will evaluate your result
  1. You need to complete the payment of the fees
  2. You need to choose an appointment
  3. You need to send the scan of your passport via email
  4. You need a computer, smartphone or tablet with camera, loudspeaker and microphone
  5. You need an adequate internet connection for video calls
  6. You need to connect to “zoom” following the link given
  7. You need paper and pencil to take notes during the exam

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