Vimana-GmbH your training partner for pilot selection process training

We at Vimana know exactly how to pave your way into the cockpit. We provide you with a professional and individual preparation for the various pilot selection- and aptitude- tests.

The full training program

Software packages, seminars, workshops and individual coachings and interview training. With Vimana you will receive the perfect all inclusive preparation for the various pilot aptitude tests and selection assessments (such as DLR-Tests for the Lufthansa-Group, Interpersonal test for Eurowings, European Flight Academy, etc.). With the support of our experts you will get a personalized software package made for you.

From Pilots for Pilots

Software, aptitude tests and seminars are developed and supervised by active and well experienced pilots. This will provide an authentic training situation, professional guidance and insights in the extensive experience of a real captain.

We take care about you

Vimana explicitly provides seminars only in very in small groups (4 during the assessment and 8 during the BU workshops), which allow us to give a maximum of individual support. This also allows us to quickly recognise and overcome difficulties  the applicant might experience during the training. Our team will always be there for you, answering all the questions and queries.