From ATPL to MPL – options and requirements to get into the cockpit

The MPL apprenticeship (Multi-Crew Pilot License) at the EFA enables the successful applicant
to be employed by the Lufthansa Group Company. These include Lufthansa Airline,
Lufthansa City Line and Austrian Airlines.
To gain access to the two year apprenticeship you have to attend and pass the basic occupation test (BU) and group qualification test (GQ) at the DLR in Hamburg.
Which is then followed by four education phases, which end with a Type rating.
Once this is passed, hardly anything will stop you from working for one of the mentioned Airlines above..

If the MPL selection at DLR in Hamburg doesn’t work out, you can still apply for the ATPL track at the European Flight Academy.

ATPL Pilot apprenticeship at the European Flight Academy
A successful graduation of the ATPL ( Airline Transport Pilot License) enables you to start a career at Eurowings as well as to be free to apply as a Co-Pilot on the free market.

To be approved in this way, you need to pass the basic-qualification test (BQ) and the Corporate Qualification (CQ) at Interpersonal in Hamburg.
The two year education program at the EFA ends with the Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC).
The graduating is followed by the Type Rating and you´l be able to work as a Co-Pilot.

ATPL apprenticeship at a private flight school
Another way leading in to the cockpit, is to train as a commercial pilot on a private flying school..
This usually ends with the so called frozen ATPL, which enables to work as a co-pilot.
Along the free market you may apply for various Airlines (such as Eurowings, Condor, Austrian, SWISS etc. and within the Lufthansa Group of course).
The duration of the training differs from school to school and also depends on your performance level. The training takes about 20 to 26 months in general.
It is possible to start at any time and almost instantly, a long and difficult selection process is obsolete.
A private flight school is a good alternative. Quite a substantial amount of pilots world wide have been walking up their career via this path. With your degree in your pocket you may be able to apply for Eurowings again, the Lufthansa Group and many other Airlines, even though you have been turned down during the selection process before having started your pilot training.
If you want to take this opportunity, we recommend you to have a very close look at various flight school first hand before you sign the apprenticeship contract.

How to apply ?
To gain access for the selection process by DLR or Interpersonal, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • a high school degree
  • fluent in english
  • fluent in german
  • at least 18 yrs of age
  • indefinite residence permit, including an unlimited work permit within the EU and Switzerland.

For the ATPL apprenticeship at the EFA you also need an aeromedical suitability examination
and eye test.

Whatever your decision may be, we at Vimana will support you all the way.
Here at Vimana you will find the suitable software and seminar for the DLR-Selection Process BU and GQ and for the BQ and GQ at Interpersonal.
All information you find HERE on our website.

We recommend you the Flight school AeronautX at Linz Airport (Austria), of whom we are in partnership with.
The apprenticeship there offers highest quality standards and competence paired with top modern equipment (such as flight simulators aircraft).
Up to now it is unique in the German speaking area, that the complete selection- and screening preparation is already fully integrated in the training program.
With a degree from AeronautX you are perfectly prepared for the usual selection schemes by various Airlines.

We will happily advise you on finding the suitable flight school!