Accepted in all European Union Member States

ENGLISH ICAO Language Proficiency Test

(*) basierend auf Kundenbefragungen im vergangenen Jahr, alle Selektionsstufen betreffend

gem. EU (VO) 2019/1747 FCL.055 anerkannt in EASA Mitgliedsstaaten (z.b. Deutschland oder Österreich)



Inform yourself now directly on Youtube about the preparation for the pilot tests at DLR- and Interpersonal. Further information

Professional training software, seminars and workshops for the various Pilot aptitude tests

The perfect test preparation tools for the DLR-Test (BU/DLR1/SWISS1), the DLR Assessment (Group Qualification) as well as Interpersonal Test (BQ and Group Qualification CQ) suitable for:

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Vimana products for the perfect preparation:

Training software

Our software products provide a complete, professional and effective preparation for the aptitude-tests of the various pilot selection processes, such as the DLR-Test (BU / GU / DLR1 / SWISS1) and the Group Qualification (GQ) as well as the Interpersonal selection process, both for the MPL and the ATPL track at the European Flight Academy. We at Vimana are able to provide you the suitable software package for the prospective selection process you are facing. Always up to date and perfect to prepare yourself for the original test.

Seminars and workshops in small groups

Our broad Vimana seminar range is perfectly suitable for an intensive preparation for the various pilot selection tests held by DLR or Interpersonal. In authentic training sequences the applicant will find himself in original test-situations. Our professional and competent team of tutors under the leadership of experienced training captains know all the challenges of the various tests and assessments, you´ll have to pass. Since we are working in small groups of a maximum of 8 students, we are also able to give each applicant a maximum of individual support.

Individual interview training

For more supervision and individual advices and coachings, Vimana also gives the opportunity of a more personal training. During 1 by 1 training the applicant has the chance to prepare himself to his optimum, specifically focussed for the interview of the respective Airline you have applied for. Always fully supported by an active pilot and his team you will find yourself in a extremely realistic live interview situation like during the real assessment.

Preparation and taking the ICAO Language Proficiency Test

Vimana is fully licensed for ICAO Language Proficiency Examinations up to Level 6.
Vimana will guide the applicant through all necessary preparations needed for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test including training software and individual Skype training sessions.

Vimana-GmbH your training partner for pilot selection process training

We at Vimana know exactly how to pave your way into the cockpit. We provide you with a professional and individual preparation for the various pilot selection- and aptitude- tests.

The full training program

Software packages, seminars, workshops and individual coachings and interview training. With Vimana you will receive the perfect all inclusive preparation for the various pilot aptitude tests and selection assessments (such as DLR-Tests for the Lufthansa-Group, Interpersonal test for Eurowings, European Flight Academy, etc.). With the support of our experts you will get a personalized software package made for you.

From Pilots for Pilots

Software, aptitude tests and seminars are developed and supervised by active and well experienced pilots. This will provide an authentic training situation, professional guidance and insights in the extensive experience of a real captain.

We take care about you

Vimana explicitly provides seminars only in very in small groups (4 during the assessment and 8 during the BU workshops), which allow us to give a maximum of individual support. This also allows us to quickly recognise and overcome difficulties  the applicant might experience during the training. Our team will always be there for you, answering all the questions and queries.


By assembling our unique training-team, we only count on high qualified and experienced professionals and experts.
A captain which is still in active service, who has passed through all the selection criteria, a well talented software developer, as well as an experienced psychologist and specialized tutors build the head of a great team, that works together supporting youand has only one goal: that you will pass the desired pilot selection process.


Thanks so much for the great preparation, I felt much safer and wasn’t that nervous.

I already had and passed my Lufthansa GQ at DLR this week. I’m very happy and can’t believe it yet. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again. The preparation with Vimana has contributed significantly to the success.

Thank you for your good preparation and for taking so much time for me.

I really have to say that attending your seminar has been one of the best decisions of my life. Especially the interview training was an important help and also your criticism. If I hadn’t fixed it, I would have failed mercilessly in the interview! And also the tips for the group exercise and the discussion were great! Again thanks a million  for everything, without you I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Super software, super seminar, Thank you, thank you, thank you ! See you at FQ preparations.

Many, many thanks to the Vimana team! Thanks to you I now have a place in the cockpit of the CFG! Great training software and great interview training…without you I wouldn’t have made it! I can only recommend it to everybody!

I am very happy to inform you today that I passed the GQ at Lufthansa. Software and seminar were just great preparation! Very big praise to you. You are my first choice and I recommend you gladly.