Blick ins Cockpit - Pilotenkarriere

How to become a pilot? – Basic requirements to start a pilot career.

Always having been curious of how to become a pilot? Our experts at Vimana will give you an insight about the possibilities and requirements needed on path into the cockpit, you should bring along..

Basic requirements

Prospect pilots should fulfil the following characteristics such as: Reliability, honesty, punctuality, accuracy, as well as prudence.
A number of softskills and social competence, should also be in your repertory for your later occupation. Among team spirit, assertiveness and critical faculties you should be a responsible and rule conscious person.

Furthermore the job requires a certain fitness and stamina. This has to be approved by a special aeromedical examination, usually carried out by an aviation physician.
Applicants who feel normal and healthy enough and don’t suffer from severe illness should have no problem to receive the medical certificate.
However, sadly, even a tiny red / green visual impairment could exclude the applicant from a pilot career.
To start the apprenticeship as a pilot, a leaving cert is sufficient. Almost every Airline however nowadays require a high school degree.
You can identify yourself with these points? Congratulations, basically you’re suitable for the job as a pilot.
Every Airline has their own requirements on top of it for their candidates.
It is advisable to get close information from the website of your favourite Airline.

The next step is to find a suitable training program.
Relevant information you will find in the blog “ways into the cockpit, options and requirements”.

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