Important terms and definitions

On the website you will find numerous abbreviations and terms which will be always on your side
when becoming a pilot.
To make life easier for you, we have put together a small overview:

ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot License
Commercial pilot-license, to work i.e. for Eurowings.

BQ: Basic Qualification
Part one of the interpersonal- aptitude-test to be admitted to the pilot apprenticeship.

BU: Berufsgrunduntersuchung
Part one of the DLR aptitude-test to be admitted to the pilot apprenticeship, also called as DLR1.

CPL: Commercial Pilot License
Common name for the professional pilot license. Distinguish between CPL(A) Aircrafts and CPL(H) Helicopter.

CQ: Corporate Qualification
Part two of the interpersonal aptitude test. To be admitted to the pilot apprenticeship.

DCT- Test: Dyadic Coordination Test.
So called Street- or Bridge-loading test. The test is part of the GQ of the DLR selection and is made to check on the team orientation of a prospect pilot within an artificial
generated situation.

DLR: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt ( german aerospace centre)
Here the applicants will have their exams taken regarding the Lufthansa Group.

EFA: European Flight Academy
Training centre for applicants of flight schools of the Lufthansa company from Germany, Switzerland, and the USA

FQ (GQ): Group qualification
Part two of the DLR aptitude-test. To be admitted to the pilot apprenticeship.

Prospect pilots for Eurowings and a lot of other Airlines will have here their entance-test taken.

MPL: Multi-Crew Pilot License
Occupation pilot license, to be entitled working for Lufthansa or a specific Airline.

MCC: Multi Crew Coordination
a training course following the ATPL-apprenticeship with the purpose to improve the teamwork in the cockpit.

PPL: Private Pilot License
Private pilot license for non commercial flights.

The stated list does not claim to be complete and will be expanded when necessary.

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