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Testimonial: Interview training by Vimana

21yr. old Paul went to Vimana to prepare for an interview- training for SWISS. This is his testimonial:

After a failed job interview at Lufthansa, I wanted to do everything to prepare for my interview at SWISS, so I chose to have an interview training at Vimana in Regensburg.

The training took place in a modern building in Regensburg. After a warm welcome by the team  consistent of a pilot and a psychologist, I was briefed about the procedure regarding the interview-training.
First I would have an interview authentic to the one by SWISS.
I was asked to consider sitting in Zurich talking to the committee of SWISS in front of me.
The duration of the interview would depend on my performance in answering  the questions.
This would be followed up by a review to analyse my answers and body language and overall performance.

The interview:
After the briefing I had to wait a short moment outside.
The waiting time and the authentic set up made me quite nervous and created a real tension.
A camera was set up to analyse my performance later in detail, which only made my tension grow.
When I was asked to return into the room, the team had already taken their parts of the SWISS committee.
I was confronted with all sorts of questions about my persona, up to how a digital camera works, which, I couldn’t answer. Then I was asked why I failed the Lufthansa selection.
I told them about my weaknesses, in English at that time. But I had done my homework in terms of taking English classes and by making an authentic pilot announcement, I easily passed their persisting questions.

After the interview-training I had to wait out side of the room once more.
So that the Vimana team was able to reflect on my performance.
When I was called back in, instantly all the tension was gone.
In a very relaxed atmosphere we analysed my interview performance.
Apart from my answers, my body language was also part of the analysis.
The team of Vimana gave me a lot of useful tips and advices about my behaviour
during the interview and how to improve on it. Also I was explained what is hidden behind some of the questions, which are being asked.

The interview training was a great experience and a prefect preparation, to present myself more authentic and with more self-confidence.
Vimana never gave me the feeling, that I was pushed into a certain direction or being formed into something. On the contrary, I did learn quite a lot about myself.
The input on the debriefing helped me along to improve on my weaknesses
and as to where to concentrate more on.
Thank you so much Vimana team!

And?  Well I didn’t get the job on SWISS, after all. Due to an eye weakness I failed the medical examination. I still wish all candidates best of luck on their aptitude-tests.
Vimana can only be recommended.