ICAO Language proficiency-test

The Vimana team is fully licensed to carry out all necessary ICAO language proficiency tests.
Starting at level 4 we are one of the very few companies who also can provide a level 6 test.

On the basis of our experience as auditors, Vimana offers the optimal preparation for the ICAO  Language proficiency-test.


For the successful acquisition of a flight licence, at least ICAO Language Proficiency Level 4 “Operational” must be proven to the competent authority (e.g. Luftfahrtbundesamt or Austrocontrol). Trained pilots must also renew this certificate at regular intervals. The result of the tests is regarded as a recognised examination protocol and provides information on the level achieved in the ICAO language test. In the case of an initial exam, it is necessary to submit the result of the ICAO Language Proficiency Test to the licensing department of the competent authority in order to have it entered in the license.


The language exam tests pronunciation, structure and vocabulary as well as fluency, comprehension and behaviour in conversation. Comprehensive preparation and language competence are therefore essential.

Tips and Tricks

  • Speak English in everyday life, e.g. talking to friends
  • Use English language media (movies, daily newspapers, magazines, books etc.)
  • Use online interactive training opportunities
  • Get to know the technical vocabulary through Live Air Traffic Control radio traffic

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